All about demolition + equipment

For many people, demolition still means the wrecking ball.


The demolition has now become a highly complex issue can not imagine most. Engineers, surveyors, skilled manual workers, education, training and experienced „guys from the construction“ that are active for decades in demolition or deconstruction, are in use every day. However, often enough in the night-time use and on weekends when are canceled due to special operations bridges over highways time. But the entire logistics behind such an application is noteworthy. In recent years, the demolition sites have changed. Wild rubble pile have given organized and thoughtful construction sites. Sometimes it is amazing how quickly objects disappear and already new foundations or storage facility. That this has become possible to surely relates also to the increasingly become attachment tools and excavators.


With the brain, not with the wrecking ball.P1030808web

The selective dismantling of buildings begins before the actual demolition:
A planning office documents the entire building substance during a tour of the building. On this basis, it developed the dismantling plan by which the building is dismantled. From the beginning, the various elements and materials to be separated.
The demolition company dismantled windows, roof tiles, insulation materials and pollutant-containing materials in sequence. This is a prerequisite if individual components continue to be used and the unmixed accumulated waste materials to be recycled quality.

The benefits of selective demolition:

  • Useful components can be sold.
  • Unmixed construction and demolition waste can be utilized quality.
  • Disposal costs for sorted construction waste are significantly lower than for mixed waste.

While a few years ago, the opening and closing times of pulverizers for example, 12 seconds were today both cycles not even half the time required. Hydraulic quick coupler allow the tool change in a matter of seconds. High Reach demolition excavators reach heights of up to 90m. Normal excavators are increasingly developing system solutions.

Dive with us into the world of demolition tools.