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Where previously worked in heavy manual work rehabilitating inside buildings, now a demolition robot creates a variety of tasks. Since many tools are very heavy and the effectiveness of personnel is thus limited to cope in return, the small remote-controlled helpers many works effortlessly. With the hydraulic hammer to pry open foundations, with a crack Abbruchschere concrete and sort with a gripper material. The possibilities are endless. Often it is used where there is a use of mini excavators is not possible. Either you have to deal with doors or stairs or where static reasons or environmental factors such as heat, cold or radioactivity for people to be dangerous. Since these devices are usually electrically operated, arise at the construction site of course no fumes, which simplifies the use within buildings. With 4 feet these devices to distribute the load over a large area ground. These devices can operate using radio or cable remote control. The devices can be as good as with any attachment work, as long as the hydraulic and technical performance data allow. For example, the following devices can be operated:

  • Buckets
  • Crusher
  • Shear
  • Clamshell
  • Hydraulic Hammer
  • Drill
  • Milling machine
  • Sorting Grabs
  • The operating weight ranging from 500 to 11,500 kg.

There is now also a demolition robot that removes water pressure concrete. Also called Hydrodemolition. Among other things, this method in the field of concrete work-up is intended. Whether floor, tunnels, walls or ceilings. With a water jet already loose or damaged concrete is under high pressure is removed. It is equipped with a pressure of 800 – 2500 bar worked. When removing old concrete residues are frequently used hydraulic hammers. This creates a lot of dust on the one hand, which is harmful if breathe. Furthermore, small micro cracks that no one can foresee. Thus, it can come back to prison problems with the connection of new concrete. Here, the procedure with water several advantages.

water_jet_power1Another point is that rebar is equal to derusted if oxidation has already taken place.




Since almost no vibrations occur in this type of concrete finishing, this method is an interesting way. Course can be with this kind of deconstruction and complete buildings remove, with here, however, the quantity of waste water must be considered. But if you maybe thinking of high-rise buildings that need to be broken under certain circumstances with very high mechanical engineering effort, one finds an interesting alternative.

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